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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Travel tip

I'm flying back to Pittsburgh in the morning after a 3 week vacation to Texas, and then we're driving down to Lynchburg, VA to look for apartments, so I might not be posting much in the next couple of days.

Here's a packing tip for when you're returnign from vacation and are trying to cram a lot of stuff into your suitcase.  Rolling up your clothes makes them take up less space than folding them.  This also works well in dresser drawers.

I fold the garment enough that I have a roughly even rctangular shape and then starting at one short edge roll it up tightly into a cylinder that I can then sort and stack in the suitcase in order to best use the available space.  This is especially useful for bulkier items like jeans or jackets, which don't really lie flat when folded.  They can still be rolled up pretty tightly, and are much more compact this way.

The other tip, of course, is not too overpack, which I always tell myself, but never seem to be able to follow, expecially when visiting my parents.


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