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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Interesting IM conversation

CNLkarishm: how's it going?
QuantmRed: good, work busy but good
QuantmRed: u?
CNLkarishm: ok
QuantmRed: unemployed bum
QuantmRed: living off the system
CNLkarishm: yeah
CNLkarishm: the system being my savings...
QuantmRed: hehe
QuantmRed: live off welfare
QuantmRed: thats why the liberals put it there
CNLkarishm: true, i'm a young minority single woman
QuantmRed: indeed
QuantmRed: and dont forget lazy
QuantmRed: so u fit the bill perfectly
CNLkarishm: except i don't have any out-of-wedlock kids
QuantmRed: haha true
CNLkarishm: i think that's important
QuantmRed: borrow some
CNLkarishm: lol
CNLkarishm: maybe i will

*disclaimer in case some civil servant gets their panties in a bunch over this: this is a joke; I have no intention of fraudulently obtaining welfare assistance (or legitimately obtaining welfare assistance). Any borrowing of children will take place only because I really want some and my fiance insists we need to be married first.


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