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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Household cleaning tip

I've read a lot of tips about cleaning with bleach, ammonia, vinegar, baking soda rather than expensive name-brand cleaners. Today I found an article that suggests that bleach diluted with vinegar can actually kill bacterial spores (something just bleach cannot do). A good tip in these times when we're all well aware of the possibility of bioterrorism and anthrax.
"Diluted bleach at an alkaline pH is a relatively poor disinfectant, but acidified diluted bleach will virtually kill anything in 10 to 20 minutes," says Miner. "In the event of an emergency involving Bacillus anthracis spores contaminating such environmental surfaces as counter tops, desk and table tops, and floors, for example, virtually every household has a sporicidal sterilant available in the form of diluted, acidified bleach."

Miner recommends first diluting one cup of household bleach in one gallon of water and then adding one cup of white vinegar.



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