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Friday, May 12, 2006

Daily Bible Readings

Something I have meant to do for a while now is to read the Bible daily. I have tried several times to begin, either just picking a book and reading a chapter a day or finding a list or workbook of daily readings. Somehow though it never stuck, because even when I kept my study Bible under my pillow, I just never quite developed the habit of taking it out and reading it every day.

Yesterday, while I was exercising and praying - which combination I really like and think I will continue - the thought occurred to me that there are probably websites that have put online daily Bible readings. I thought I might even be able to find one with an RSS feed that I could subscribe to. Something that puts the daily reading in front of me without my having to go search for it. Yes, this is the lazy way to read the Bible, but it is more likely to work in the long run than the other methods.

Well, I didn't find an RSS feed, although I am toying with the idea of trying one of those services that develops a feed out of any web page. I did find this site however: http://www.usccb.org/nab/today.shtml.

These are the daily Mass readings from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops' website. So it's also a step towards going to daily Mass, which is a goal for when I am in a stable living situation. There were a couple of other sites with daily Bible readings, a couple of which would also send them to you over email. But since I am leaning towards filtering all but the most important stuff out of my email inbox, those didn't appeal to me. This site had the nicest (simplest) interface. Plus I like that it's a Catholic website and that the readings are from the lectionary rather than arbitrarily picked.

So I added this website to my opening Firefox session (using Tab Mix Plus, a free extension that I am finding extremely useful). Hopefully, I will be successful in maintaining my habit of daily Bible reading.


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