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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Productive day

Today was a productive day - or at least it felt like it.

I started off with walking 2 miles on the treadmill, and praying the Rosary.  I really like that combination of activities - something about it just starts my day off extremely well.

Other things I did today were: filled out the application for our new apartment in lynchburg, packed one suitcase full of warm clothes, called a couple of hotels about weddign packages, emailed a caterer about pricing and options, talked to a wedding planner about possibly engaging her services, and got emails from 2 DJs about their services. 

I also spent a good deal of time talking to FMIL about wedding planning in general, what I want, and why I'd like it to be as worry free as possible.  She's all about the saving money, and I'm all about the lowering stress - so there's some conflict there.  There will be more phone calls tomorrow to caterers, florists, etc. to figure out pricing and timelines for putting the wedding together myself vs. getting the all-inclusive package from the hotel. 

Conclusions reached today:

I want a wedding - not just a fancy dinner for the friends and family who show up.  However, if the guest list were limited to the very select few, i.e. less than 30 people, then I would prefer the 'go out to a nice restaurant' option.  If there are 50 or more guests, though, I want the special dances, the cake, the whole package.

I definitely want a day-of-wedding coordinator.  If I decide to go the DIY route rather than opt for the all-inclusive, I will probably also hire a full-service planner to keep track of the details for me.  I figure paying someone  $1000 is worth it if she can save me over $1000 worth in money and  avoided stress.

I definitely want red and gold as our colors as opposed to a more general fall theme.  And I definitely don't want a country fall theme.

... I'll probably think of more stuff later, but that's what I know for sure right now.

That 'run off to Vegas' option still looks pretty tempting...


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