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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Project Runway

Channel flipping the other day, I accidentally landed on Project Runway, and decided to see what it was about.

Well, it's one of the more annoyingly edited reality shows on TV. It's on Bravo, so I guess it's not surprising that it's the gayest reality show on, as well. But the clothes are wonderful! I'm not a huge fashion person; my personal style is based on comfort rather than style. Lots of jeans and sweater sets. (And scrubs for work, of course). So I'm surprising myself with how fascinated I am with the clothes these designers come up with in very little time, with lots of constraints as to materials and other resources.

I just wish watching the show wasn't so grating on my nerves. Part of it is the editing. All reality shows are edited for drama, obviously. It's just that this being a fashion designer contest means that the people involved are all the high-strung, easily driven to hysterics kind of people. There's so much crying on this show I'm not sure how they fit anything else in. But, worse than that is the way the show is edited to repeat their commentary so many more times than necessary. In that first episode we heard the line "One of you will be the winner, and 2 of you will be out" 4 times - twice before the commercial and twice again after. Ok, Mr. Producer, we get it!! Get on with the show already!

And Heidi Klum! That "out" is going to be the death of the show, seriously. I realize that at least since Donald Trump, they feel they need a punchy "You're fired!" line. But "out" is not a punch line; it's just a bad accent added to what sounds like someone losing a children's playground game. "Ha!Ha! you're out!" Doesn't really encourage me to take what happens in the show seriously. Although the most annoying line of the show was when Heidi Klum said "If I didn't have this bump, I would wear it right now," referring to her pregnant belly. I really feel sorry for that kid, although I guess (s)he should feel lucky that his or her mom didn't decide to have an abortion rather than let getting pregnant and having a kid interfere with her modeling career.

Still, the clothes are lovely, and perhaps I will suffer through another episode before I give up on the show. Or perhaps I will catch the last 20 minutes every week, and just hit "mute" on the remote, just to enjoy the clothes without needing to bear the commentary.


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